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Dining Services Committee

The Food Service Committee is an active voice for faculty, staff, administration or student comments and suggestions regarding on-campus food service, which will be led by the Food Service General Manager, Louis Duran

Some of the goals of the Food Service Committee will be to:

  • Analyze meal service hours and options.
  • Dining service quality and improvement needs.
  • Meeting the needs of the university community. 
  • Making suggestions to promote improvements in the quality of the food service on campus. 
  • Work with Sodexo to sponsor and identify special events. 

One other important role of the Committee is to assist in disseminating information about the food service programs. The Committee will be provided with background information on the history and development of our current board plan offerings, catering services, and array of retail operations. The Committee will also serve as a repository of ideas and recommendations that are presented by Students, Student Government, Faculty and Staff, for consideration in modifying or enhancing the existing program. 

The Committee will assist our Dining Service leaders in gaining support on our program by using various means to communicate to the campus the purpose of this program and how the campus can support their endeavors. 

The Committee would also be expected to partner with Sodexo’s Sustainability Initiative to ascertain the ways in which the Food Service Committee can support, initiate, and promote sustainable efforts for Sodexo and USFSP as well as users of the food service programs

If you would like more information about the Food Committee on campus, please speak to your RA or to Louis Duran, General Manager for Sodexo at University of South Florida St. Petersburg call our main office on campus at (727) 873-4433.

Have something to say right now? We have an online comment card accessible 24 hours a day here on our website on the Customer Service page.

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