Plan Options

Our meal plans represent the ultimate in simplicity and flexibility. All first year students are required to purchase a Gold or a Gold Plus meal plan. Returning students and commuters can purchase any plan. Anyone can purchase SharkBites - these dollars can be used at any dining location on campus. You can purchase your meal plan at the cashiers office in Bayboro Hall (BAY) 132 or by calling (727) 873-4107
Check your meal plan balance HERE
Use the Fall 2018 meal plan usage chart to keep track of your spending throughout the semester. 

Add SharkBites
Sharkbites can be spent at The Reef, plus at the Coral Cafe and the Bull Market Cafe. 

Purchase $50.00 of Shark Bites and get a 5% discount at the register! Purchase $500.00 of Shark Bites and get a 10% discount at the register!

Sharkbites ROLLOVER semester to semester.

You can purchase SharkBites  at USFSP Dining  

Green Plan----------$1,304.02

Green Flex ----------$1,404.02

Gold Plan -----------$1,971.05

Gold Flex------------$2,071.05

Gold Plus plan -----$2,269.80

Gold Plus Flex -----$2,369.80 

Summer 2019 Dining Plans

Summer A--------$611.32

                               $661.32 (With $50 Flex)
Summer B-------- 

                               $661.32 (With $50 Flex)

Summer A&B---- $1,222.66

                               $1,322.66 (With $100 Flex)
Summer C-------- 

                              $1,135.70 (With $100 Flex)

Flex dollars allow you to dine at other locations such as The Grind and The Tavern.

You can purchase Meal Plans at the Cashiers office in Bayboro Hall (BAY) 132

or by calling (727) 873-4107